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theBelgian Bar

by The Belgian Bar

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Fuel your workouts and reward yourself with a healthy treat. Tastes like a candy bar, but made with only real ingredients. High performance, healthy, and sweet velvety dark Belgian chocolate...

Comes in boxes of 15

Made with real food only

  • Whey Protein
  • Prunes
  • Honey
  • Raisins
  • Dark Belgian Chocolate 

Nutrition Facts

Protein: 16,3g | carbs: 30,1g | fats: 8,7g

Some things to know:

  • NO Synthetic Sweeteners At All
  • NO Other Fake Stuff
  • NO GMO
  • FREE of any products, banned by IOC and WADA



What our customers think:

The taste and texture is really awesome. Usually, I don’t eat chocolate or protein bars, but this one is a game changer!

by Felix Fecher

Finally finally finally I found what I´ve been looking for!!! The best protein bar I´ve ever tasted. The taste is like candybar!!

by Bára Ósk Einarsdóttir

Cleanest and best tasting bar in the world. And it's got Belgian chocolate! 🇧🇪 🍫 😍

by Kevin Vlaemick

Delicious bars! The hashtag says it all 😁

by Pieter Vanbussel

CrossFit Brugge wants them ASAP! 😋

by Stef Verbaeys

Great tasting protein source for after workout recovery... and can't beat Belgian chocolate.

by John Obrecht

Best Choice!


No fake ingredients

theBelgian bar is ACTUAL food!

If you ever looked at labels of protein bars and don' tunderstand what the ingredients say...

Then this is the perfect bar for you! Real ingredients and real nutritional value.

The only protein bar that is good for you and actually tastes like a candy bar.