How do we do this (this = providing you with the one and only perfect protein bar)

Every ingredient, has been well thought through, from all the health benefits they each give you, to the way they are combined, the way it improves your physical performance and jump starts your recovery

Each of the ingredients have specific benefits that every athlete, and even every non-athlete needs. The prebiotic features of the non-denatured whey protein, high quality fuel in form of carbs in the honey, prunes and raisins. The antioxidants, minerals and vitamins in the prunes and raisins, that help create strong bones and muscles

And last but not least, the dark Belgian chocolate... Not just any Belgian chocolate, but the best quality you can find in Belgium! This ingredient as well has many health benefits, but lets skip those and just highlight the amazing taste :) 

All these ingredients combined, in the right quantities, make this, probably the best bar in the world!