Why we do what we do

Once upon a time, there was an athlete. Having been misinformed by society and due to poor quality of sports nutrition he had suffered health issues. After a few years of being down and not doing any more sports, he decided to pick up CrossFit. 

The high intensity physical activity made him realize that after workouts, his body was in need of good nutrients, something that would replenish him fast, and push his body straight into recovery mode. 

Having had health issues due to poor quality products, and knowing those were the only options the market provided, he decided to research and combine in a magical way, the ingredients he found to be good for the body, boosting recovery, creating muscle growth, replenishing glycogen levels, and taste awesome.

He created a bar, which today is known as... theBelgian bar!

There actually is more to this story, but since nobody has time for long stories, let's make it short:

Today we bring you this high end product, made of only real food, with no added, fake stuff.

A healthy variation of what the market already provides.

Composed in a way it gives you the right amounts of proteins and carbohydrates to boost recovery, to give you energy for a workout or other physical activities, and to replenish you after. 

This bar is an all-round, rich in protein snack that comes with an incredibly good taste!

Don't believe it? Try for yourself!