Dark Belgian Chocolate

Did you know chocolate can help your athletic performance?

Studies are repeatedly showing that chocolate can help your athletic performance.

The power of flavanoids

Chocolate has 2 of the 4000 flavanoids. One is quercetin which is a very strong antioxidant that helps protect your cells and give you a health heart, skin and eyes.

Chocolate also contains epicatechin, an antioxidant that has been found can increase athletic performance. It is abundant in cocoa beans and dark chocolate, and increases nitric oxide in the body, which causes your blood vessels to dilate and reduces your oxygen consumption. According to the International Society of Sports chocolate is a way to naturally hep your body perform at the highest levels.

All that being said about the benefits of chocolate, we would like you to remember what they say: "Belgian chocolate is the best chocolate in the world!" And to know that the chocolate we use in theBelgian bar, the best brand of Belgian chocolate available

Dark chocolate is known to have the next health benefits. 

  1. Dark Chocolate is very nutritions, it is rich in:
  2. It is also a powerful source of Antioxidants
  3. It may improve blood flow and reduce blood pressure
  4. It raises HDL and prevents LDL from oxidation
  5. It may reduce heart decease risk
  6. It may protect skin
  7. It may improve brain function